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Pro Speaking Private (12 weeks)
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36x Meetings
3x Final Test
Flexible Time
Speaking Community
15 English E-Book for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (Senilai 2.1 Juta)
Kurikulum Belajar CEFR Berstandar Internasional
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 Ahmed Abdo Assofe (Yaman)
Ahmed Abdo Assofe (Yaman)
For the first time, I could not speak English. What I knew just a few vocabularies, with patient and good method from them, day by day I can speak English. Masya Allah they are amazing, even it was only me with my brother in law the overseas students who can’t speak Bahasa, They still can teach us and the environment with the students keeps us to always speak English. Can’t wait to come back there, I do really miss this place.
Indriani Pratiwi
Indriani Pratiwi
It was such a rewarding process, I increased my overall band by taking this private Mastery Program. It was really helpful to support my self-study plan. Thank you so much Mr. Didin and EM online.
Dini Wahyuni (Majalengka)
Dini Wahyuni (Majalengka)
Best english course made best experience, I’ve got a lot of knowledge and made alot of friends as family